The M40

The M40 is a motorway which links London and Birmingham. It was built between 1967 and 1988 and has transport links with Oxford, Warwick and High Wycombe.

History Edit

The motorway was built in many stages. The first section was the High Wycombe bypass which opened in 1967. This forms now what is Junctions 4 and 5. The Beaconsfield bypass was completed by 1971, and the Gerrards Cross bypass. Junctions 5 to 8 were finished by 1974. This meant that the motorway stretched from London to Oxford.

In 1988, work resumed and the "missing link" between Oxford and Birmingham was built. This meant that there was a direct link to Birmingham and the M42 from London. The motorway went through Warwickshire and Cherwell Valley.

When the motorway opened fully, it carried a low volume of traffic than first expected. This was thought to be because there was no service areas on the motorway, which discouraged drivers of HGVs from using the motorway.

Today, there are three service areas running on the motorway, Oxford Services, Cherwell Valley Services and Warwick Services.

Exit list Edit

M40 Motorway
Eastbound exits Junction Westbound exits
Road continues as A40 to London J1 Slough A412
Uxbridge A4020
Non motorway traffic
Slough A412
Uxbridge A4020
Start of Motorway
Watford, Rickmansworth, Slough, Heathrow Airport M25 J1a Watford, Rickmansworth, Slough, Heathrow Airport M25
Beaconsfield, Amersham, Slough A355 J2 Beaconsfield, Amersham, Slough A355
No access J3 Loudwater and High Wycombe (East) A40
High Wycombe, Marlow, Maidenhead A404 J4 High Wycombe, Marlow A404
High Wycombe (West), Stokenchurch A40 J5 Stokenchurch A40
Watlington, Princes Risborough B4009 J6 Thame, Watlington, Princes Risborough B4009
No access J7 Thame, Wallingford, A329
No access J8 Oxford, Cheltenham A40
Thame, Aylesbury A418
Oxford (A40)
J8a Thame, Aylesbury A418
Oxford (A40)
Oxford services
Bicester, Aylesbury A41
Oxford, Newbury A34
J9 Bicester A41
Oxford, Newbury A34
Northampton A43
J10 Northampton A43
Cherwell Valley services
Banbury A422
Daventry A361
J11 Banbury A422
Chipping Norton A361
Gaydon B4451 J12 Gaydon B4451
Warwick Services
No access J13 Leamington, Warwick A452
Leamington A452 J14 No access
Warwick A429
Stratford, Coventry A46 (M69)
J15 Warwick A429
Stratford, Coventry A46 (M69)
Henley A3400 J16 No access
Start of Motorway J3a (M42) THE NORTH, Birmingham M42
THE SOUTH WEST, Redditch and M5 M42

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