The Area of Northern Ireland is divided into 6 Counties, and The Belfast area.


County Name -(Gaelic name) - County Town

  1. County Antrim - (Contae Aontroma) - Antrim
  2. County Armagh - (Contae Ard Mhacha) - Armagh
  3. County Down - (Contae An Dúin) - Downpatrick
  4. County Fermanagh - (Contae Fhear Manach) - Enniskillen
  5. County Londonderry - (Contae Dhoire) - Derry (Londonderry)
  6. County Tyrone - (Contae Tír Eoghain) - Omagh

Capital cityEdit



Principle RoadsEdit

  • A-1 becomes the N1 in Republic of Ireland (Eire)

Vehicle Ferries Edit

Map of Ireland

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