Road projects are plans to upgrade roads and build new ones. Below there is a list of present, past and future road projects.

Present Edit

Past Edit


New Junction at M1 J29A

  • M1 J29A - Completed July 2008. A new junction has been added as part of regeneration scheme and to relive J30.

The scheme opens up 100 of acres of former Coalboard sites as part of the Markham Vale scheme as well as access to the former Coalite site at Bolsover. The scheme is linked to a longterm scheme of providing a link from Chesterfield to the M1 bypassing Staveley town. A new Link road is being built along old railway track bed to link the new motorway junction to the Bypass. Large tracts of the route have being open cast as part of the scheme to reclaim the land and prepare it for the route.

Future Edit

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