Over the years almost every A-road junction in the countryside has been replaced with a roundabout. Here's a list of the rural A-roads that still meet at crossroads. Please add any others you know of. If any of these are replaced with a roundabout, please add the date of the change.

A20 A228 Leyborne, Kent * map

A229 A268 Hawkhurst, Kent *

A30 A357 Henstridge Ash, Somerset

A34 A537 Monks Heath, Ches *

A38 A358 Churchill, Somerset ? map

A321 A3032 Twyford, Berks

A359 A371 Hadspen, Somerset

A3400 A4189 Henley-in-Arden, Warwicks *

A44 A4110 Bainstree Cross, Herefords  ?

A46 A4135 Beverston, Gloucs

A49 A54 Oakmere, Ches

A49 A533 Dones Green, Ches

A49 A556 Oakmere, Ches

A411 A5183 Elstree, Hants

A417 (A4172) A438 Trumpet, Herefords  ?

A417 A4103 Newtown, Hereford

A475 A486 Horeb, Cardigan

A480 A4103 Stretton Sugwas, Hereford (nr A4103-A4110 xroads)

A50 A54 Holmes Chapel, Ches

A50 A534 Arclid, Ches *

A50 A556 Mere, Ches *

A51 A519 Swynnerton Heath, Staffs (nr M6 J15)

A51 A534 Burford, Ches (cannon)

A52 A520 Cellarhead, Staffs

A54 A523 Bosley, Ches *

A58 A641 Wyke, Yorks (nr A641-A649 xroads)

A540 A550 Two Mills, Ches (A540 is DC)

A541 A5104 Pontblyddyn, Flints

A572 A573 Town of Lowton, Lancs  ?

A60 A6006 Rempstone, Notts * (this is signal-controlled)

A61 A654 Robin Hood, Yorks (nr M1-M62 jct)

A616 A635 New Mill, Yorks

A618 A619 Harlesthorpe, Derbys (nr M1 jct 30)

A640 A672 A6052 Denshaw, Yorks now in Lancs

A6089 A6105 Gordon, Berwicks

A701 A703 (A6094) Leadburn, Midlothian (cannon; on county bdy)

A91 A823 Yetts o' Muckhart, Perths now in Clackmannanshire

A92 A913 Parbroath, Fife  ?

A93 A984 Meikleour, Perths

  • confirmed

? doubtful


1. I'm defining a crossroads as a junction that one can leave by (at least) four exits. It must be possible to cross the junction in a single movement (ie. no stagger, no double lights) from two non-opposite directions.

2. I'm defining "rural" as not within, or on the edge of, the urban (built-up) part of a town. A town is a settlement which had/has UD, MB, CB, LB or MBC status.

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