West Midlands:


A RoadsEdit

B RoadsEdit

Other RoadsEdit

Named RoadsEdit

Cities & TownsEdit

  • Coventry, Probably the worst ring-road in the UK. This tiny, yet heavily-used section of roadway ensures the car repair business in the city is kept busy. Totally messed up and confusing road markings, which change shortly before the end of every financial year, added to the usual aggressive and incompetent standard of driving one has come to expect these days, make this section of road absolutely dreadful. My pity goes out to the more nervous driver or out of towner who has to wend his or her way through this mechanised minefield! The good folks of the city deserved and deserve better. Remember this was the city that started the automobile industry in the UK! Maybe the road planners should employ someone who can actually drive.

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